EnRoute JXR V2 - Front Alloy Hop Ups installed

These parts have completed the front end to BLING the JXR out and give more options for custom tuning as far as suspension mounting goes. I’ve decided to settle on a countersteer ratio of 2.8 for now, it gets some good angles and with the extra castor is quite stable on carpet. Some pretty pics below

I also added a rear alloy suspension mount in this upgrade but until I get the rear arms and battery mount I can’t call it complete just yet :)

Parts used listed below :

JXR426S – Silver Alloy Rear Suspension Mount

JXR267S – Silver Alloy Upper Brace/Bridge

JXR434S – Silver Alloy Front bumper posts for Y type

JXR425S – Silver Alloy Front Suspension Mount

JXR428S – Silver Alloy front bumper support Y type

JXE427S – Silver Alloy front bumper Y type


Before Adding hop up partsEnRoute JXR V2 - Standard Front

Parts laid out ready to go onEnRoute JXR V2 - Hop up new parts

Old Vs New PartsEnRoute JXR V2 - Silver Hop Up Parts

Underside Of bumpers and spherical arms fittedEnRoute JXR V2 - Spherical Arms Underside

Front end with completed alloy modsEnRoute JXR V2 - Front Alloy Hop Ups installed

A good shot clearly showing the upper arm mounts for the spherical high castor armsEnRoute JXR V2 - Silver Alloy hop ups FRONTEND


A bit of bling – with Flash on ;)EnRoute JXR V2 - Front End fully modified hopups

4 Comments to “EnRoute JXR V2 – Silver Alloy Hop ups Stage 2 : Alloy Suspension Mounts & Bumpers”  

  1. 1 Drift_PK

    wogghh, nicee..
    Just need some hop up more to complete the JXR :D

  2. 2 SicKaZ

    Haha thanks! More to come!

  3. 3 50JUN

    Fully sic bro thinking as I bought the forth JXR Jay,Rid,Nick& me…V2 with all the first Hopups uprights 40t front pulley Carbon front brace,,, all seems very tame compared to this Hopup lmao so like you do lets get it on… so it must steer ….better turn in wheels look like they gain more caster…

  4. 4 SicKaZ

    Ha thanks mate. I have to update my progress actually, a few things have changed since this last photo. Thanks for the motivation, I will get some more pics next session and do some updates I think!

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