EnRoute JXR V2 - Upper Arm MountsFitted

I recently added spherical arms to the JXR allowing for a much larger range of castor as well as improving the look of the front end with alloy silver lower arms, C-Hub free hub setup using new knuckles and upper arm mounts. Photos below

Currently running around 20deg of castor it allows for great control through a drift as well as a super realistic looking wheel turn in angle.

JXR458S – Silver Alloy Spherical Arms
JXR460S – Silver Alloy Spherical Knuckles
JXR459S – Silver Alloy Upper Arm Mounts for Spherical arm

EnRoute JXR V2 - Spherical arms knuckles upper arm

4 Comments to “EnRoute JXR V2 – Silver Alloy Hop ups Stage 1 : Spherical Arms & Spherical Knuckle”  

  1. 1 Thié


    This is an old post… but 2 years later, I’ve bought a JXR.
    Please, where have you found the alloy wishbones ????
    In fact, I’m looking for a reseller for all the JXR parts.
    Thank you



  2. 2 SicKaZ

    Hi mate,

    I bought my unique JXR parts from an indonesian website called Helihan Toys. Great service shipping and they understand english so no problems there either.

    All the best!

  3. 3 Thié

    Thank you ! I’m gonna find them ;)

  4. 4 Thié


    Please, I have a little question… ;)

    Is it possible to move the caster with these upper arm ?

    I can’t find the spherical knuckles (JXR460). Is it possible to do without ?

    Thank you


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