Here is a quick photo guide to a tip I got recently on how to de-anodise those upgrade parts that don’t match your current culour scheme. In my case I have mostly silver parts so this works out great removing the coloured unmatched parts!

What you’ll need.

* Your anodised Parts – Removed from Chassis & Dry

* Easy Off Oven Cleaner – or similar brand oven cleaner designed for fast removal of heavy built up grease

* Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves

* An old toothbrush

* A chinese take away container or similar

* Eye and mouth protection like goggles & mask (you know, for total safety and stuff)

First off an example of my Black Anodised Suspension part

Easy Off Oven Cleaner in a spray can – Sells for about $3 in Australia in most supermarkets

Spray liberally onto the part and let it sit for approx 5 mins or so

Using Gloves and toothbrush, simply scrub evenly all over the part ‘washing away’ the colour.

Give it a wipe down with tissue and check for remaining coloured parts

Respray & Soak if need be to remove remaining colour.

Finished result!

It is a little matte looking, a silver polishing cloth with bring it up nice and shiny and new looking.


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