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Once again, shot on a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black edition. On the back and front of a 2WD bumpy buggy. I simply cut different shots together to make it somewhat flow together.

RC Drift 180sx – Chase Cam

  Next up is BJ’s super clean Nissan 180sx drifter chase cam. Simple clean lines mostly on this run – a small cameo from my FT86 while in battle.

Some more chase cam footage hot off my youtube channel now. This is Ridwans beast in pink rockin’ the drift pig look. As with my other videos, chase cam is done on the new GoPro HD Hero 3 Black edition. This one was shot with Protune ON and I tweaked the video a little to […]

Weekend RC Drift Chase sessions

GoPro HD Hero 3 Black RC Filming

  Here is a pic of one of my mount locations for the new GoPro HD Hero 3 Black edition. While it gets a great viewing angle for RC drift videos and chase cams, I need to assess the issue of vibration and bumpyness the camera gets from sitting on the body shell. I will […]

  Some video footage of my FT86 body drifting along with rcTECHNODRIFT’s awesome body as well. More videos to come!

  Many forums I read seem to have people asking about Protune and why its better. There are also a number of videos online that show Protune on and the videos look washed out and bland. There are many explanations online but put simply Protune is a RAW mode essentially for the video you are […]

Recently our car club had a fun day for motorkhana courses and general shenanigans at Queensland Raceway. I brought the old girl Nissan 180sx and my mate brought out his super clean Nissan S15 for some tarmac & tyre burning fun. Of course the morning of the planned event turned out to be a wet […]

Yes its meant to be over the top by the way… Quote : DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial. GYM4 surpasses the high-production style of Gymkhana TWO with even more spectacular effects shot in the backlots of Universal Studios, California. Filmed over the course of five days, director Ben Conrad (Zombieland […]

Not my original footage but some footage of Mad Mike at World Time Attack 2011 at Eastern Creek in Sydney this weekend.