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RWD Modified Yokomo DPM – No Gyro chasecam footage.

The first of a few new video uploads on their way in the next couple of days.

RE-Xtreme FT86 Drift

  It’s not ideal, I had to use software to slow it down a little so it’s a little jumpy. And come night time, focus was having trouble, but it turned out alright. I’ve done much better videos before, but I’ve also done worse ;)

Tamiya FT86 1:10 Drift Solo Run

A short clip of a solo run of mine filmed on the new GoPro 3 Black edition.

Once again, shot on a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black edition. On the back and front of a 2WD bumpy buggy. I simply cut different shots together to make it somewhat flow together.

RC Drift 180sx – Chase Cam

  Next up is BJ’s super clean Nissan 180sx drifter chase cam. Simple clean lines mostly on this run – a small cameo from my FT86 while in battle.

  Many forums I read seem to have people asking about Protune and why its better. There are also a number of videos online that show Protune on and the videos look washed out and bland. There are many explanations online but put simply Protune is a RAW mode essentially for the video you are […]