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It’s been a while, this video is a couple of months old now but I finally got around to using the new GoPro software as an editing suite. It is pretty good! This video is un-tweaked and could use more light, but hey. More to come as I am mocking up a new filming rig […]

Chassis Buddies : Part 2

My EnRoute JXR V2 and Fernandos Overdose infused ARD custom chassis. Lookin sweet in red.

Chassis Buddies : Part 1

On the left my recently ‘rebuilt’ and fully modified 15 year old Yokomo MR-4TC SD shaft drive currently running a low Countersteer ratio of 150% and the right my Carpet chassis that is the EnRoute JXR V2 Silver Edition with all available hopups running 20deg castor and 280% Countersteer (Currently)

The final update for the Silver HopUp parts for the EnRoute JXR V2 Silver edition. I have now added all available Hopup parts with the addition of the rear battery mount and rear arms. I also found a slidemaster spur gear holder that suits brilliantly and the chassis looks bright and shiny in the light. […]

Here are a couple of examples of my near complete S15 bodyshell. Colour scheme is Translucent red, backed with lame flakes and bright silver Tamiya PS paints. More photos after the break below

396% Counter Steer Hakosuka

Long time no update! Some photos from our weekend session for your viewing pleasure.

These parts have completed the front end to BLING the JXR out and give more options for custom tuning as far as suspension mounting goes. I’ve decided to settle on a countersteer ratio of 2.8 for now, it gets some good angles and with the extra castor is quite stable on carpet. Some pretty pics […]

I recently added spherical arms to the JXR allowing for a much larger range of castor as well as improving the look of the front end with alloy silver lower arms, C-Hub free hub setup using new knuckles and upper arm mounts. Photos below

  A slow motion compilation of a corner on our local track. This was taken in the late evening around 6:00pm in the summer and needed some lighting tweaks to look less dark and blue. I think the lighting adjustment turned out great! Remember to watch on youtube in the higher quality settings too.  

  It’s not ideal, I had to use software to slow it down a little so it’s a little jumpy. And come night time, focus was having trouble, but it turned out alright. I’ve done much better videos before, but I’ve also done worse ;)