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OK after going through some old files on my PC I stumbled across these gems of photos taken some years back of my 2 JDM machines. Credit for the photos goes to Hormuzd K, check out his blog and other works at I still have these 2 beauties, a little worse for wear these […]

RWD Modified Yokomo DPM – No Gyro chasecam footage.

The first of a few new video uploads on their way in the next couple of days.

RE-Xtreme FT86 Drift

After a few changes here and there along the way, my EnRoute JXR V2 is now running a countersteer ratio of 3.22 to 1. I think it’s about where I want it to be for now and just get some more practice in some tandem battles. Need more track time! Next project I will likely […]

No Gyro 2WD Yokomo DPM Custom Build. Some slow-mo footage of this yokomo 2WD beast – NO GYRO